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What is Access Consciousness?

What is Access? Access is a set of tools and techniques that allow you to change anything, and to create anything you desire in a different and easier way.

Access is based on the idea that you know and that your choice is what will create.

Access is based on the idea that you're not wrong, that you know and that consciousness can shift anything.

This method includes Hands on sessions and verbal clearings to change anything in your life. 

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What is Access Bars?

The Bars are 32 points on the head that allow you to eliminate all the computer bank stuff you put in there. 
Having your Bars run creates greater ease for your body and clears all the considerations, attitudes, emotions, thoughts and feelings that we have stored or made significant in any lifetime. Even if you did nothing but the Bars, you would eventually be free. If you will have your bars run once for every session that you have of "verbal clearing" work, then you're going to get far more results.
Bars are very valuable tools to use after you've done any processing, it will assist you in erasing thousands of considerations and it will generate a lot more clarity in any particular area and makes it easier on us. If you will spend an hour and a half doing your bars, you'll be integrated instantaneously because integration is a matter of releasing all of the considerations that we built on top of what we've just gotten rid of. 
We like to say that the worst thing that can happen during a Bars session is that you will feel like you had a nice relaxing massage. Best case- your whole life will change. Come and try the Bars!

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