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About Me

I'm Maya, 43 Year old Mother, teacher and seeker, located in the Blue Mountains, Ontario Canada.

I've been exploring the alternative world since 2008, when I started my education to become a naturopathic doctor. 2 years into the program, I gave birth to my first child, and never completed my degree. during that time in school I always had a sense that beyond our diet, there must be things that go on in our mind and our thought process that effect our body and our life, way more than any food consumption.

I spent a few years trying to figure out the newly status of motherhood, dealing with postpartum depression, and just the 'usual' worries and anxieties of having a newborn at home.

During those years I kept learning, accumulating experience as a Bach Flower remedy practitioner, Basic Numerology, Reiki 1+2, healing light language, EFT, The Work- Byron Katy, Reflexology, Theta Healing 1+2, Health Coach Certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition... and more. 

In 2015, during the pregnancy with my second child, fearful to go through the turmoil of new motherhood and postpartum depression symptoms again, I received a session of Access Bars, and my whole world was different after that. I couldn't explain even how and what one thing was different, I just knew my thinking has changed and my reality has changed. I had an amazing home birth and a very beautiful and relatively peaceful first year of parenting two little ones. Access Bars and the Access verbal Clearings have became a huge part of our first-aid kit at home, and once my son was 6 months old, I also started teaching and offering Bars sessions again.

Since then, 8 years later, I continue to explore deeper and practice the tools and methods of Access, and also offer them as a certified Practitioner and Facilitator. 

I believe anyone can live stress and worry-free, be free of fears, be more connected to self, to the body and to this beautiful planet. and Access was one of the fastest ways for me to excel that connection to BEING and THRIVING.

I invite you to explore that connection for and to YOU.

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